New Artificial Rock Selection Video

Stumbled across this video on how to choose artificial landscaping rocks for your front yard landscaping.


Great stuff because many folks choose fake rocks that are not large enough to cover their water wells, septic tank risers, vents, backflows, utility boxes etc because they either dont measure correctly or they fail to use the interior dimension charts for the specific rock model.


The interior dimension charts are crucial in selecting the right size rock enclosure.  Because these are highly textured, there are peaks and valleys on the surface.  These peaks and valleys create oddly shaped interior dimensions which can be vastly different than the listed exterior dimensions for each rock model.


This video gives some quick pointers on how to do it the right way!  It will show you details on where to find the interior dimension charts, and how to use them properly.  The video also provides some tips on exactly how to go about measuring the object you intend to cover with the Dekorra rock enclosure.  For example the technique used to measure an electrical box is different than the technique used to measure a septic tank riser or a vent pipe or water well cap.  The video shows how to go about measuring each utility for the fastest and most accurate results.

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New Fake Stone Border Edging Kit Transforms Unsightly Water Well Pumps Into Gorgeous Landscaping Accents

Ugly Water Well Pumps
Ugly Water Well Pumps
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Simple Landscaping Ideas For Cheap



There are tons of mulch types out there. It's not uncommon for people in WI to use bark, stones or bean shells as mulch. Lava Rock is beautiful and also very light. The reds and orange colors look great. Colors and textures look great on Lava rocks.


Stone mulch can also be a great choice. Lots of folks like stones and rocks in areas prone to washout.  Stone and Rock can be pricey plus it is heavy and tough to work with.  Stones and rocks can get in the lawn and be hit by lawn mowers as well. For reviews of fake rocks go here.


River rocks are known for their ordinary light-coloredsurfaces and for their smooth complexion.  And they are very easy to obtain. Little chips of marble is another popular option. Marble chips can be very pricey though.


Flakes of granite can be another super option. It arrives in a rosy tan shade that will blur to a lighter tan over the long haul. This is a great mulch for pathways and patio areas. It is usually sold by the yard or foot.



You might consider making fake rock covers as well. Concrete is a great choice for the substrate. This is a much quicker strategy for making fake rocks than the froth, chicken wire and bond system as it includes essentially showering the sealant material onto a bit of cardboard. Painting dry concrete is fast and easy.


It doesn't take a pro to paint one either. A acrylic sealant can be a great finishing touch. It's really easy to make one of these for your landscape.


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